In Madagascar an outbreak of plague

In Madagascar an outbreak of plague

Since August in Madagascar pneumonic plague ill 114 people, 21 of whom died. This is stated in the message of the world health organization (who).

The latest victim of the plague was the basketball coach, a citizen of Seychelles. He died on September 27 in the hospital in Antananarivo. “The who is concerned that the plague could spread further, as she has already appeared in several cities in the beginning of the season of epidemics,” said the who representative Madagascar Charlotte Ndiaye.

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She added that the who provides support in the treatment and monitoring of the situation of plague in Madagascar. In particular, the organization has allocated $300 million of emergency funds. Thus, the total amount of funds allocated by the who to combat the plague on Madagascar has reached $1.3 million.

According to who, Madagascar every year to 400 cases of infection with plague, mainly the bubonic. Outbreaks generally fixed in the countryside, but this time the focus of infection is in the cities.

This, according to the representative of the who, increases the threat of spread of the disease. The number of people infected has exceeded the norm, which is usually fixed at this time of year. In addition, in 2017, there is roughly an equal number of cases of bubonic and pneumonic plague. Usually, according to statistics, the island is dominated by cases of bubonic plague.

The last outbreak of plague has occurred in Madagascar in December 2016 and affected a sparsely populated region of the island.

In August, Rospotrebnadzor warned the Russians about the cases of bubonic plague in the United States. According to authorities, were infected three people. Cases have been noted in the States of new Mexico and Arizona.