Dmitry Enteo excluded from “God’s will”

Dmitry Enteo excluded from “God’s will”

Dmitry Enteo (Larionov) expelled from the movement “God’s will”, has ceased to be its representative and head. This was stated on his page on Facebook Lyudmila Odegova, who calls himself the new head of the organization.

According to her, Enteo “made friends with unrepentant blasphemers” member of the punk band Pussy Riot and became “with them to conduct joint action in the framework of the movement “God’s will”. Odegova argues that while these shares were “a mockery of the Scripture.” She also accused Enteo libel on the Bishop of Orekhovo-Zuevo Panteleimon (Shatov), who allegedly blessed the movement in these shares.

Finally, Odegova said Enteo “framed” Orthodox Christians, who “came for a good action”, but they “slipped pig in a sacrilege Alekhine, what they were absolutely not ready”.

Among others, incompatible with being in “God’s will” action Odegova called the Enteo presence at the presentation of the book “Riot days” in Saint-Petersburg. The book tells the story of the punk prayer in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in 2012.

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“I regard his actions as a betrayal of the movement “God’s will” and people who are trusting Dmitry Larionova, made him the head and face of our movement,” said Odegova.

The proclamation of himself as the new head of “God’s will” Odegova explained by the fact that during the pogrom of the exhibition “Sculptures, which we do not see” in 2015 “by the grace of God was granted to perform the main action”.

“On this basis to consider themselves responsible to exclude from participation in the movement Dmitry Larionova, who now works with absolute power under the guise of “God’s will”, and to declare himself its head”, she concluded.