Trump called the shooting in Las Vegas “an act of absolute evil”

Trump called the shooting in Las Vegas “an act of absolute evil”

The US President Donald trump called the shooting at the country music festival in Las Vegas in the United States an “act of pure evil”, this is stated in the official statement of the American chapters in the White house.

“In moments of tragedy and horror unite Americans. Our unity cannot be destroyed by evil, our ties cannot be broken by violence,” said the President of the United States.

Trump promised to arrive in Las Vegas on the scene on Wednesday, October 4. There he will meet with representatives of law enforcement, which is investigating the incident. “We can’t understand their pain, we can’t imagine their loss,” said trump about the victims of the shooting and their relatives. In a sign of mourning for those killed in Las Vegas trump has disposed to lower a little national flags.

Earlier today, the American head expressed condolences to the victims and the families of those killed during the shooting in Las Vegas вTwitter.

According to recent reports, a shooting at a country music festival in Las Vegas has killed more than 50 people, more than 500 were injured. According to police, the shooter was on the 32nd floor of a nearby hotel.

The culprit was a 64-year-old Steven Paddock, who rented a room in the hotel. By the time of detention, the Paddock was already dead, as explained by the Sheriff of Clark County, where the tragedy occurred, Joseph Lombardo, is likely the attacker had committed suicide.

Responsibility for what happened took on the organization of “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), describing the gunman as its “warrior”.