In Norway, the trial of terrorism suspects Russian

In the district court of the capital of Norway Oslo has begun the trial of 17-year-old Russian citizen suspected of preparing a terrorist attack. On Monday, October 2, according to Aftenposten.

Protection of the accused insisted on the consideration of the case in a special order, which applies to persons under 18 years of age. In this regard, meetings will be held in closed to the press.

According to the publication, the lawyers will also try to retrain actions of the principal “prepare for attack” to “the illicit trafficking and use of explosives and dangerous substances”.

The Russian was detained by police on 8 April in Oslo near the river Akerselva. According to the guards, he left under a bridge suspicious package, which, according to investigators, was a homemade bomb. The bomb squad destroyed it.

During the preliminary interrogation the young man admitted that he came under the influence of radical Islamic ideas. In his phone, the police also found photographs in which the suspect posing with a gun in his hand.

The detainee, according to intelligence agencies, came to Norway at the age of ten with his parents-immigrants from the North Caucasus, who asked the authorities of the Kingdom for political asylum. His family later decided to return home, and the young man remained in Norway. According to Russian media reports, the suspect named ISA B.