The number of participants of the referendum in Catalonia exceeded one hundred percent

The government of Catalonia have counted more than 100 percent of the voters in a referendum on separation from Spain, reported El Mundo.

During a press conference on the results of the plebiscite, the official representative of the government of Catalonia Jordi Turul stated that for independence from Spain expressed 90,09 percent of voters. It was opposed by 7.87 percent of the vote. Empty and void was 2.92 per cent of the ballots.

The publication has noticed that the sum of these data is 100,88%, which exceeds the theoretically allowed number. The newspaper points out that the reason for this discrepancy probably was a simple arithmetic error made in the definition of interest.

The vote on the referendum on independence of Catalonia from Spain was held on Sunday, October 1. The Central power of the Kingdom in every possible way tried to prevent holding of the plebiscite. In particular, it was reported that the Spanish police used against those who voted in Barcelona rubber bullets. In clashes injured 893 referendum and 33 police officers.

Video: @Sentid2016Comun / Twitter