“Even cat change”: scientists have invented a replacement for the TV remote

“Even cat change”: scientists have invented a replacement for the TV remote

MOSCOW, 2 sen — RIA of news. Developers from Lancaster University (UK) has developed a technology that allows a person to interact with the screens using gestures, according to the website of the institution.

The developers are confident that the system, called Matchpoint, finally will bury the TV remote. For its operation requires only the web camera, which sees “purpose” in their field of vision. In the upper right corner of the screen is a small widget with options to change the sound volume, open the menu to change the channel.

For example, if the user wants to crank up the volume, there is a slider, and it’s enough to turn my head in the right direction. You can also bind the system to “stationary objects” that will allow, for example, to switch the song, banging his mug on the table, or to turn down the music, rolled back car toy your child.

Some TVs are also able to recognize hand movements, but new technology allows the system not to get attached to a certain position of the limbs.

According to the developers, their method makes the interface more user: a person can change channels, without putting to the floor your glass to free his hands.

Any household item can easily become a remote controller. Favorite show starts on another channel you have to find the remote? It is in the past. Now any object in the room can be remote, even your pet.Christopher Clarksonville team

The developers will report on the Matchpoint system at the annual Symposium, developers of custom software and technology (UIST) in Quebec city in October.