NASA satellites have obtained a photo of maraisburg the size of Estonia

NASA satellites have obtained a photo of maraisburg the size of Estonia

MOSCOW, 2 Jun — RIA Novosti. NASA satellites have obtained the first detailed images of a giant iceberg, which emerged in July this year after a split glacier Larsen, and recorded the first signs that it started to fall apart, says NASA Earth Observatory.

“In July over the territory of Antarctica was dominated by the polar night, so scientists had to study this iceberg, using only radar and infrared images. The first photo was only received in mid-September of this year. As shown by the several weeks of observations, iceberg A-68 initially “staggered” on the spot, moving back and forth, and causing him to split into two halves,” reports NASA.

Climatologists, oceanographers, and other scientists for quite a long time believed that climate change threatens to destroy mainly the North and glaciers on Earth — the glaciers of Greenland and the Arctic ice cap.

In recent years this view began to change, as scientists have discovered evidence that the first can not disappear and the ice, and the part of the glaciers of Antarctica, which will lead to a catastrophic rise in sea level. For this reason, NASA is continuously monitoring the status of the southern ice in the project IceBridge, studying them with a reconnaissance aircraft, and ESA monitoring their condition via satellites Sentinel-1 and CryoSat-2.