Rapper from the US has started a fundraiser to prove that the Earth is flat

Rapper from the US has started a fundraiser to prove that the Earth is flat

MOSCOW, September 26 — RIA Novosti. American rapper B. o.B. has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the online GoFundMe service; these funds he plans to purchase and launch a few satellites to use the collected data to determine exactly what actually is the shape of our planet.

Formerly known performer not once questioned the generally accepted shape of the Earth on Twitter. To one of his posts, published last year, he taped a photo of herself at sunset. “The city in the background located approximately 16 miles from each other. Where is the bend? Please explain this,” asked B. o.B.

The cities in the background are approx. 16miles apart… where is the curve ? please explain this pic.twitter.com/YCJVBdOWX7

— B. o.B (@bobatl) 25 January 2016
During the download an error has occurred.According to the newspaper the Independent, the rapper last year officially joined the flat Earth Society, whose members are trying to prove that our planet is disc-shaped.

All B. o.B. plans to collect 200 thousand dollars. Four days since the campaign managed to accumulate $ 700.

“Help B. o.B. to buy and launch several satellites into space. It will provide you with step-by-step recording of events! Help B. o.B. find bending!” — said in an accompanying statement on the website GoFundMe.


— B. o.B (@bobatl) 21 September 2017
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Internet users actively commented on the idea of a musician. “I’ll give you $ 1000 if you tell me what that curved shadow on the moon,” wrote in the comments Marty Costello. “How much money would it take to put this guy in University? Obviously, it would be cheaper,” said Joe PELAN.

Someone suggested B. o.B. to reach the edge of the Earth and make photo, some have wondered whether it is possible to trust by the satellites. There were also supporters, who supported the rapper and even asked to take them in.