Naryshkin has opened an exhibition in honor of the Soviet spy Kim Philby


Harold Clements / Getty Images

Director of the foreign intelligence Service of Russia Sergei Naryshkin has opened an exhibition dedicated to the legendary Soviet spy Kim Philby, “Kim Philby intelligence and life.” On Friday, September 15, reports TASS.

At the opening ceremony, Naryshkin said that Philby was “a man of amazing destiny and a top-class professional”. “Philby went down in history and was able to do much to the course of history changed in favor of goodness and justice. He is a great citizen of the world,” he said.

The exhibition presents, in particular, declassified documents of the foreign intelligence Service based on the extracted Philby information. Materials presented to the public for the first time. The exhibition opened in the House of the Russian historical society and will run until 5 October.

The exhibition is timed to the centenary of the creation of the all-Russian extraordinary Commission.

It is noted that this is just the beginning of a series of events commemorating Philby. The first channel has announced the premiere of the film “Kim Philby. The secret war”. In September will be a presentation of Kim Philby portrait painter Alexander Shilov — the canvas will be presented at the exhibition “They fought for the Motherland”.

Kim Philby was the leader of the “Cambridge five” group of agents of the Soviet intelligence in the 1930-ies — 1950-ies worked in the security services and the foreign Ministry of great Britain, and extracting critical strategic information. In 1963, Philby through illegal channels transported to the Soviet Union, where he acted as a consultant and analyst in matters relating to organization of resistance to Western intelligence agencies. Scout died in Moscow in 1988.