American tourists poured acid in Marseille

Unknown splashed hydrochloric acid in four American tourists who were waiting at the station Saint-Charles in Marseille, transfer to the train to Paris. On Sunday, September 17, the newspaper La Provence.

Two girls aged 20 and 21 years received burns to the face and is currently hospitalized. 41-year-old suspect arrested and detained. The police said that at the station, she did not Express any terrorist threats.

July 26, unknown poured acid over the two young people in East London. The incident occurred on a busy street Roman road. Witnesses say the young men ran into one of the stores, shouting that they were doused with acid. The proprietor tried to help the victims, the caustic washout liquid water.

In March, unknown poured acid over the 27-year-old resident of Berlin, passing by on a Bicycle. The victim was walking along Unstressed when passing a cyclist splashed her in the face with toxic liquid and disappeared. The woman did not have time to consider it.