A rally in defense of animals in Omsk gathered about 300 people

A rally in defense of animals in Omsk gathered about 300 people

The organizers of the action advocated the extension of the concept of “cruelty to animals”.

OMSK, on September 17. /TASS/. About 300 residents of Omsk took part in a rally in defense of animals in the framework of the nationwide “Law is needed now”, dedicated to the early adoption of the bill “About responsible treatment of animals”. TASS on Sunday, said the organizer of the rally in Omsk, the Director of the charity Fund of help to animals “Common world” Elena Alumina.

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“According to our estimates, the rally on September 16 was attended by over 300 people. The aim of the campaign is to attract the attention of higher authorities for the speedy consideration and adoption of the law. We individually each do not call, do not ask, the email will not send deputies, but to say that people across the country expect the adoption of this law, it is necessary, therefore, selected the form of such public appearances, public statements,” she said.

All-Russian action “the Law is needed now” takes place in cities across the country on 16 and 17 September. The organizers noted that the Russian legislation needs to consider animals as creatures who tend to experience the emotions and physical suffering.

They propose to extend the concept of “cruelty to animals”.

Alumina explained that the law waiting for 17 years. According to her, none of the legislative decree does not stipulate that represent animals, and in the Civil code appears as the property of humans. “But no concise and clear characteristics, for example, that animals feel pain, able to respond to reality, to action,” she added.