In Latvia published a guide on revealing spies

In Latvia published a guide on revealing spies

Latvian security services have advised officials to avoid contact with the familiar, too friendly and curious of foreigners.

Moscow. September 17. INTERFAX.RU — security Police (SP) Latvia for the first time posted on its website recommendations for officials of state and municipal institutions on how to recognize spies: officials advise extreme vigilance to treat the leading over-familiar to foreigners.

As pointed out by the police, employees of foreign intelligence services might try to direct the conversation to topics outside of work, to try to continue the contact in an informal setting and after hours, to ask you to provide information for personal needs, to offer information or assistance on business issues in exchange for services.

In this regard, the Latvian secret service recommends that you pay special attention to foreigners, who are clearly familiar and friendly, trying to move quickly on an informal style of conversation, establish contacts in social networks, trying to elicit a response, appealing to ideological beliefs. You should also be wary of foreigners who ask probing questions about the situation in the country, at work, personal financial situation.