More than a dozen lamas consecrated the stupa of Enlightenment in Moscow

At the opening of the Enlightenment stupa in Moscow

More than a dozen lamas consecrated the 15-metre-high Buddhist religious building the Enlightenment stupa in Otradnoe district of Moscow. The facility is located on the site of the future temple complex Tupden Redoubling. On Saturday, September 16, RIA Novosti reported.

This is the first such structure in the capital.

“Now it’s time for the construction of the temple. As wished, the Dalai Lama, he will have to integrate all areas of the Buddhist teachings,” — said the Chairman of the Moscow Buddhist society Dulma Shagdarova at the opening ceremony.

She said that the stupa is filled with images, texts of mantras and prayers, and other ritual sacred texts, books, statues, relics of saints, offerings and other sacred objects and symbols up to a total weight of 20 tons. “The Dalai Lama blessed the construction of the stupa and referred to lay in her blessed Holy relics,” explained Shagdarova.

At the opening of the facility was visited by several hundred Moscow Buddhists.

The Enlightenment stupa is one of eight traditional varieties of Buddhist stupas. Considered the most significant because it symbolizes the goal of Buddhist practice — enlightenment, i.e. liberation from all human passions.