The prosecution said the extortion Ulyukaev bribes gesture

The prosecution said the extortion Ulyukaev bribes gesture

In testimony Sechin said that the former Minister over a game of Billiards showed him a “sign of victory”, which means 2 million

Moscow. September 13. INTERFAX.RU — Former Minister of economic development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev showed a “sign of victory” the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin during a game of Billiards at the BRICS summit in Goa in the fall of 2016, which means that, in the opinion of state charge, the amount vemulawada them bribes.

“The speaker had solicited a bribe from Sechin, showing him the amount in two fingers,” reads the catechumens earlier the Prosecutor of the case materials.

According to Sechin, Ulyukayev showed him two fingers while playing Billiards. But Sechin nobody видел

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Lawyer Ulyukayev confirmed to Interfax that really what the statement says the head of “Rosneft”.

“In his testimony do Sechin said that the speaker showed him during a game of Billiards two fingers, having thus in mind the amount of two millions. But apart from him no one saw or heard. And after this summit speaker with Sechin met,” — said the lawyer of ex-Minister Darigan, Queeze.

She noted that if such a gesture was shown in the game of Billiards, it could mean anything, for example “sign of victory”.

On Wednesday, the employee of security service of “Rosneft” Vadim Derevyakin testified in Zamoskvoretskiy court of Moscow as a prosecution witness. He said that he participated in the security Sechin at the summit and saw the head of “Rosneft”, the economy Minister and the head of VTB Andrey Kostin play pool and communicate with each other. Thus, answering the question of the Prosecutor V. Derevyagin said that any gestures on the part of the speaker is not seen. This is to be heard in the environment court by the Prosecutor the witness testimony given by him in the course of preliminary investigation.