Around the drivers did a lap of honor

Around the drivers did a lap of honor

The introduction of priority for vehicles moving on the roundabout, nothing will change for motorists in Moscow. A large part of the roundabout now and so work on the scheme “the circle home”, found “Kommersant”. On the other applies a different scheme, but it will not change after the entry into force of the new traffic rules. The city authorities now think what to do with the signs around the roundabouts, experts are calling not to dismantle, to avoid traffic accidents.

Recall that the interior Ministry has prepared draft amendments to traffic regulations according to which vehicles entering the roundabout will yield to vehicles that are moving in a circle (Kommersant reported this on July 28). This rule will act by default. “Directions of roundabouts vary from region to region and even in the same city, from intersection to intersection, this leads to an increase in accidents,” the interior Ministry said. In Department expect that innovation will lead to higher throughput of the road network. The date of enactment of the amendment has not yet been determined.

“Kommersant” has asked the Moscow center of traffic organization (COD) data on the roundabouts: they are now in the city 54. 40 of them currently installed already the priority for the cars moving “on a circle” (the signs of “Main road” and “Give way”). Thus, after changes in traffic organization of traffic on these intersections will not change.

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Thus in TMS was noticed: as soon as the new edition of traffic regulations will come into force, the signs at intersections technically no longer needed, they can be removed, especially now in the city is working to reduce the number of signs and reduce their size. On the other hand, noted in TMS, signs and you can leave, in order to once again remind drivers about who is “in the round” home, especially not follow the changes in the SDA. The final decision will be made since the new rules took effect.