In the suburbs of sanitary inspectors will be empowered to penalize littering of the citizens

The Ministry of ecology and nature management of Moscow region proposes to give the health inspectors the right to fine individuals for illegal dumping of household waste. This was reported on the website of the regional government on Tuesday, September 12.

The head of Department Alexander Kogan explained that now for the sanitary cleaning of the territory of the responsible authorities of the municipalities, but the levers to do this, they do not have.

“Therefore, the working group comes up with a proposal to transfer to local government level penalties to natural persons, the full procedure of drawing up protocols and penalties, we worked with the legal Department, they believe this needs to be done,” said Kogan.

On 6 September it was reported that in the Moscow region may be “garbage detectives” that will find violators of cleanliness and order. Cohen then noted that such a practice is common in several European countries, particularly in Germany.

Currently, under the Governor’s program “Clean Moscow” held out anti-rubbish raids and other activities aimed at preventing littering of territories. The patrols involved the Ministry of transport and road infrastructure, traffic police, Gosadmtekhnadzor, service, inspection roads, GBU MO Mosavtodor, as well as activists of the project “General cleaning” of the Russian popular front (onf).