Buzzfeed spoke about Moscow’s plan to normalize relations with Washington

The Russian government has prepared and suggested the administration of U.S. President Donald trump soon after his inauguration as the normalization of relations between the two countries. About it reports Reuters, citing a document from a list submitted to the Washington proposals. According to the publication, the plan was transferred to Washington during the third month of the stay of Mr. trump in power.

According to the Vice-President of the Carnegie endowment for international peace Andrew Weiss, a document is a “road map” to full normalization of relations. It is noted that the document “calls for the full restoration of diplomatic and military channels of communication and contacts between the intelligence services” that were affected by the events in Ukraine and Syria.

According to the portal, after approval of the plan proposed to organize the meeting of special representative of the President of Russia on cyber security Andrey Krutskikh with American colleagues to discuss issues of “information security”. May also had to be arranged special bilateral consultations on Afghanistan, the Iranian nuclear deal, the Ukrainian crisis and the problem of the DPRK. One of the stages was supposed to be a personal meeting of the heads of the CIA, FBI, national security Council of the United States and head of the Pentagon with their Russian counterparts, as well as the resumption closed under Barack Obama channels of communication between the US and Russia.

“Officials in the White house and the state Department did not report, who gave them the document, but did not dispute its authenticity. They assured that it is not reported to the Russian side that feel real to implement such proposal”, — notes the edition. It is emphasized that now implemented a few of the marked in terms of ideas. The Russian Embassy in Washington did not comment on the document.

We will remind, on July 28, Moscow has demanded from Washington to reduce the number of employees of the us diplomatic mission to 455 people. In response, the state Department demanded to close the Consulate General of Russia in San Francisco and the Russian trade mission in Washington and new York. Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the U.S. authorities in violation of the proprietary rights of Moscow and instructed the Ministry of foreign Affairs to sue. Later Sergei Lavrov said that the Russian authorities will lead to the complete parity of the conditions to which foreign institutions of the Russian Federation in the United States and the United States in Russia. Kommersant learned from depictionsof in Moscow, the benefits of what the American diplomats in Russia.

On what may be the next round of conflict between Russia and the United States, read in the material “Kommersant”, “Russia and the United States strive for equality without brotherhood.”