The Kremlin is concerned about the interest of the FBI, a former journalist of the Russian Agency

The Kremlin is concerned about the interrogation, which the FBI staged a former employee of the Agency “Sputnik” (part of holding “Russia today”), Andrew Feinberg. About it the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov has declared to journalists, the correspondent “reports”.

“We do not have detailed information, but in any case, the questioning of journalists or ex-journalists, but journalism certainly do not speak in favor of pluralism and freedom of the press. Rather, they are talking about the fact that there will be serious problems with censoring and restricting the press,” — said the representative of the Kremlin.

Feinberg was questioned in the investigation of a possible “propaganda the nature of” work “Satellite” in violation of the foreign agents law, writes Yahoo News, citing sources.

The journalist told the online that the FBI issues concerning the internal structure of the drafting process and the funding Agency. “They wanted to know where I get directions and not have I any job from Moscow,” said Feinberg, adding that the FBI is trying to ferret out examples of when his focus is “headed in the direction of certain problems.”

Yahoo News reports that the Bureau investigates thousands of documents and internal emails “Satellite”. They gave the journalist. He worked on Sputnik until may 2017 as a correspondent in the White house.