In the regions of Russia summarizing the results of the election

In the regions of Russia summarizing the results of the election

In some regions of Russia after yesterday’s election has counted all votes. In particular, in the Novgorod region, where he was chosen Governor, after processing 100% of ballots most votes — 67,99% United Russia Andrei Nikitin, who was acting Governor. In second place — the candidate from the Communist party Olga Efimova from 16.17% in the third — the candidate from LDPR Anton Morozov from 7.51%.

Processed all the ballots in Yakutsk — it was chosen mayor of the city. For the proposed “United Russia” aysena Nikolaev voted 68,41%. In second place — radium Vasiliev of the Communist party from 10.53% of the vote. Third — the representative “Fair Russia” Denis Vasiliev, from 4.8%. The fourth was the candidate of the liberal democratic party Gavril Parahin from 4.49% of the vote.

On Sakhalin there were elections of the regional Duma of the seventh convocation. “We passed three parties: “United Russia”, KPRF and LDPR entry with the highest number of voters. The turnout was 26,04% that at the level of the Duma elections in 2012″, — said the Chairman of regional election Committee of the Sakhalin Victoria Cherkasova. “United Russia” gained from 44.64% of the votes, the Communist party — 16,5%, liberal democratic party of 13.02%.

In the Pskov region after processing 100% of ballots on elections of all levels are leading candidates from the “United Russia”.

According to preliminary data, the party will gain in the Pskov city Duma 6-th convocation of 13, she 39,71% of the vote. The Communist party 21,77% of the vote, “Fair Russia” has typed to 11.32%, “Yabloko” — 8,53%, LDPR — 7,41%.

“United Russia” received 25 out of the 33 mandates in the Moscow city Duma on the results of processing 100% of protocols of precinct election commissions. Party won in all the 16 single-seat constituencies and won 9 seats on the party list, having 44,15% of the vote. Second place went to the Communist party, gaining of 14.07%. Party delegates to the Duma MP 3. Two seats received the “homeland” and “Fair Russia”, with a score of 10.73% and 9,62%, respectively. Liberal democratic party will submit to the Duma a Deputy (8,01%). “Pensioners for justice” and “Apple” are unable to overcome the five percent barrier. Compared to the current convocation, the next Duma will have two new parties: the “United Russia”, CPRF and “SR” is added to “Rodina” and “LDPR”.

Completed the processing of ballots and in the Tomsk region — there is chose the Governor. In this post remains Sergei Zhvachkin of the “United Russia” — it scored 60,58% of votes. On elections of the head of the Ryazan region 80,16% of the votes won United Russia party, Nikolai Lyubimov. Followed by Alexander Perekhvatov from the Party of growth from 1.48% of the vote, Sergei Pupkov from “Fair Russia” from 1.72%, Alexander Sherin of the liberal democratic party from 8.44% and the Communist Vladimir Fedotkin from 6.85%.

In the elections of the head of Buryatia after counting all votes the leading candidate from the “United Russia” Alexey Tsydenov, with the result 87,43%. His rival is the candidate from the “Communists of Russia” Battali Bagdoev and the promoted worker of LDPR Sergey Dorosh scored a 5.15% and 4,39% of the votes respectively.