Voting in the election began across Russia

In the regions of Central Russia and in the Kaliningrad region have begun voting in elections. At present, polling stations are open throughout the country.

Direct elections of heads of subjects in a single day of voting will be held September 10, in particular, in the Mari El Republic, Karelia, Mordovia, Belgorod, Kaliningrad, Kirov, Novgorod, Ryazan, Yaroslavl regions and in Sevastopol, for which this is the first ever direct elections of the city head.

In addition, the election of deputies of the legislative Assembly will be held in North Ossetia, Krasnodar territory and the Penza region.

In the Kaliningrad region, where the time difference with Moscow is minus one hour, this year for the first time by the decision of the Duma was increased hours for voting from 7:00 to 21:00 local time (8:00 to 22:00 GMT), reports RIA Novosti.

Earlier polling stations were opened in the Eastern regions of the country.

In the capital the elections of the councils of deputies of the 125 districts — all the districts of old Moscow, in addition to the Shchukin, and in the city district of Troitsk in the New Moscow. According to the results of voting will be replaced 1502 mandate. According to Mothersurname, the elections moved 8329 candidates — representatives of 32 political parties and independent candidates were registered 7665 candidates.