Kiev saw the rejection of the “arrogance” in the new Russia’s Ambassador to the UN

Volodymyr Yelchenko

New permanent representative of Russia to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia, according to his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Yelchenko, shows a “more relaxed approach” in comparison with its predecessor, Vitaly Churkin. This opinion Yelchenko said in an interview with “UKRINFORM”.

“To talk about changing tactics probably even earlier, the new permanent representative of Russia has been working only one month. However, it is noticeable that very dramatically changed the style and I would say for the better,” said the Ukrainian Ambassador.

However, he added that “it certainly does not constitute a change in Russia’s position, but there’s arrogance and undisguised anger in relation to Ukraine, which is constantly with great pleasure demonstrated by the late Mr. Churkin”.

“Ambassador nebesa — a different person, it has a more relaxed approach, any negative emotion in the Ukraine I have not seen or heard. Let’s see what will happen next, this is only the beginning. Let’s hope that perhaps this will lead to a change in tactics in a positive way for us” — said Yelchenko.

Nebesa was appointed permanent representative of Russia to the UN by the decree of President Vladimir Putin in late July. The position of Ambassador became vacant in February in connection with the death Churkin, who held the position since April 2006.