In the first ever elections of the Governor of Sevastopol started the vote

© Alexander Ryumin/TASS

TASS, September 10. /TASS/. More than 180 polling stations opened on Sunday in Sevastopol, whose residents 10 September for the first time in its history, will choose the Governor. In the South and the North Caucasus started voting in elections to the regional parliaments of the Krasnodar region, where you can vote a record 4 million voters and North Ossetia, as well as the by-elections to the Council of Adygea and Crimea and the elections to the city Duma of Cherkessk.

For the first time in history

In a Single day of voting in Sevastopol, are the first in the history of the city Governor’s election. Ever since the founding of the city in 1783, Sevastopol mayor was not elected, neither in tsarist times, nor in Ukraine, in which the city was to the reunification with Russia in 2014.