Deadly tick escaped from Japanese scientists at a press conference

Deadly tick escaped from Japanese scientists at a press conference

MOSCOW, 9 sen — news. In Japan deadly tick escaped from the scientists during the scientific press conference. It is reported by British tabloid the Daily Mail.

According to the publication, the insect that is a carrier of the Bunyaviridae, was presented to the scientific community and journalists at a conference in Miyazaki Prefecture. When one of the scientists, for clarity, I decided to pick up the tick with tweezers, he was gone. The search for the insect in the audience, where the event took place, was not successful.

“We had more attentive to the precautions, because the Prefecture must always inform people of possible danger, — said the head of the Prefecture Sunzi Kono, who had to explain himself for making a mistake.

During a presentation on a deadly tick-borne virus, scientists lost sight of their tiny test subject – and it’s still out there ?

— dwnews (@dwnews) on September 9, 2017
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It is reported that in Miyazaki from tick bites several people were injured, one died. Severe fever with thrombocytopenic syndrome, the carrier of which is insect, particularly dangerous for the elderly because it weakens the immune system and leads to serious disturbances in the internal organs.