The FBI suspected illegal Uber fight with rival Lyft

The FBI suspected illegal Uber fight with rival Lyft

US authorities have launched an investigation against Uber. At this time, the company suspected of violating the law on competition. Drivers working for taxi service Lyft and Uber at the same time, Uber offered money for their loyalty.

The FBI (Federal Bureau of investigation) and Federal prosecutors in new York are conducting an investigation against Uber Technologies Inc., the company is suspected of using spyware to fight with competitor Lyft. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to sources.

According to the WSJ, we are talking about illegal interference in the work of a competitor.

The investigation began against the background of leaving from the company of the head of the global Department for legal compliance of Joseph Spigler. According to two people familiar with the situation sources of the Agency, he resigned last week after working here for a year.

The subject for the investigation was Uber called Hell (“Hell”), which presumably allowed the company to spy on the drivers of the taxi service competitor Lyft.

Program Hell have identified the drivers who worked for both companies and offered them cash rewards for loyalty only Uber. According to Agency sources, the program worked with 2014 and 2016.