The elections in Crimea will see international experts

The Deputy of the National Assembly of France Thierry Mariani announced that the single voting day, September 10, will be among other international experts to monitor the elections in Crimea, reports TASS on Friday, September 8.

He stressed that the elections on the Peninsula is also legitimate, as in other subjects of the Russian Federation. “Crimea chose to return to Russia, so we consider the elections legitimate. There was held a referendum, where people expressed their political will, and now they vote as in other Russian regions,” he told reporters at a press conference of international experts ahead of the regional and municipal elections.

Answering the question of why the choice fell on the Crimea, Mariani explained: “Because there is quite a serious technical base, and we are happy to watch and monitor how the newly formed Republic, all that will happen to be controlled by Russia.”

On 6 September the coordinator for cooperation with partners of the Association “national public monitoring” Roman Kolomoitsev said that in a single day of voting, the organization will send observers to the 15 thousand polling stations. In addition, he said that elections in Russia will come 27 electoral experts from abroad.

A single day of voting this year will take place on September 10. Sunday across the country will host more than 5.8 thousand elections and referendums at different levels, in particular, in the 16 regions will elect governors.