The court of Spain suspended the law on the referendum on the independence of Catalonia

Sequel: the Parliament of Catalonia adopted regulating the procedure of secession from Spain, the law

The constitutional court of Spain at an emergency meeting, took into consideration the claims of the government about the illegality of the adopted documents on the eve of the referendum on the independence of Catalonia. On Thursday, September 7, according to ABC.

The Spanish Constitution provides for the option, according to which the government of the Kingdom may appeal to the court and adopted by the bodies of the Autonomous regions of the solution. Catalonia, like the Basque Country, Navarre, Galicia and Andalusia, has expanded autonomy.

On 6 September the Parliament of Catalonia adopted the law on referendum, allowing 1 October to be held in the Autonomous region voting on independence. Earlier regional authorities have developed a document according to which on the region’s independence will be declared immediately in the event of failure of the Central government to allow a referendum on secession from Spain.

Catalonia — a region in the North-East of Spain, which seeks to secede from the Kingdom. The Parliament of Catalonia on 9 November 2014, voted for sovereignty. The Declaration, which was supported by the majority of parliamentarians, set the period of eighteen months, during which Catalonia should get independence.