Convicted in the US for cyber crimes Seleznev pleaded guilty to two other cases

Roman Seleznev

The Russian citizen Roman Seleznev, who was convicted in the U.S. for the theft of credit card data and personal information pleaded guilty to two other criminal cases related to the investigation of the schema of identity theft in the amount of $ 50 million. About it reports Reuters, citing the U.S. justice Department.

33-year-old son of the Deputy of the state Duma Valery Seleznev, pleaded guilty to participated in a scheme of racketeering and conspiracy to commit bankruptcy. Charging documents were filed in Federal courts in Nevada and Georgia.

Earlier it was reported that Seleznev has again appeared before the us court in the state of Georgia. Against him was nominated Federal charges of fraud relating to burglary and theft of Bank data in 2008, RBS Worldpay processing company, located in Atlanta.

According to the prosecution, Seleznev received two million dollars after hackers stole more than nine million dollars from 2100 ATMs worldwide.

In Seattle on April 21, the court sentenced Selezneva to 27 years of imprisonment on charges of fraud.

19 April it was reported that Seleznev wrote a letter of repentance, where they took responsibility for their actions, but despite this, prosecutors demanded to sentence him to 30 years imprisonment.

25 August 2016, the Russian was found guilty on 38 criminal counts of 40. The prosecution indicated they suffered damages in the amount of $ 170 million. In the course of the trial, prosecutors argued that in 2014, during the detention Seleznev on his computer was found to be 1.7 million stolen credit card numbers.

Roman Seleznev was arrested by agents of the U.S. Secret service in the Maldives in July 2014, and then exported to the United States. Protection Selezneva, his father, and the Russian foreign Ministry called the arrest of a Russian citizen’s kidnapping and violation of international law.