The emotional callousness

The emotional callousness

Russian medic found that disturbances in the perception of emotions arise as a defensive reaction. Thanks to the trait known as alexithymia, the person in stress conditions it is possible to avoid depressive disorders. The study was published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research.

According to various surveys, the disease affects between 5% to 23% of the population.

The neuroscientist from the Institute of General pathology and pathophysiology Dmitry Davydov conducted an experiment, whereby it was found out that alexithymia allows you to avoid depression in the existing difficult social conditions of modern life. According to Davydov, in order to alexithymic successfully socialized in the course of remedial activities necessary to make their living conditions more favorable. Otherwise, all attempts to get rid of alexithymia unproductive from the point of view of the preservation of mental and physical health of patients.