Petersburg clowns came out to protest against the film “It”

In St. Petersburg the clowns from the theatre “the Comedian-trust” picketed the building of the Legislative Assembly, demanding to prohibit in Russia the screening of the film “It” by Stephen king. According to the artists, the main villain of the picture β€” monster Pennywise appearing in the image of a clown that denigrates their profession, reported on the official page of theatre in a social network “Vkontakte”.

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A post shared by Tanya Kondakova (@tanya.kondakova) on Sep 7, 2017 at 6:44am PDT

“We, the clowns with 30 years of experience, declare such I may say, the movies tarnished the honor of our profession, and offend the feelings of the clowns of our country”, β€” reads the statement of the group “Comic-trust”.

On the picket clowns came out in their costumes. They encouraged the whole “progressive world community” and people “who dearly happy childhood of their children and the values of Russian culture”, to oppose the screening of the film “It” and instead of watching to come to their theater.

1 Sep circus artists of Russia spoke out against the hire of a horror movie “It” about the clown killer. The Director of the Ekaterinburg circus Anatoly Marchevsky stated that the screening of the horror will bring Russia a lot of harm. The film itself was released on 7 September.