The consequence asked to arrest “Ivanteevskiy arrow”

The consequence asked to arrest “Ivanteevskiy arrow”

MOSCOW, 7 sen — news. Basmanny court received submissions for the arrest of a ninth-grader opened fire in a Moscow school, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the court Juno Tsarev.

On Tuesday during the Informatics lesson, the student of 9th grade in Ivanteevka attacked the teacher with a kitchen cleaver, hit her on the head, and then began to explode in the classroom homemade firecrackers and shooting from the pneumatic weapon.

The incident injured four people. The teacher received a traumatic brain injury, three students jumped from the Windows in the classroom.

The investigation has opened a case under article “Hooliganism,” “Attempted murder” and “Negligence”.

As told by the children’s Ombudsman of Moscow region Ksenia Mironova, school students talked to the Director about the plans of the “arrow”, but the management of the institution has not taken any measures. According to her, the parents themselves bought the teenager a pneumatic weapon. The family was prosperous.

Neighbours child told RIA Novosti that the boy was always calm, “never showed aggression” and “nothing unusual” for his family did not notice. However, some students reported that the detained were subjected to systematic humiliation by classmates, the school administration did not respond.