CIA declassified documents on the development of the Navy of the USSR

CIA declassified documents on the development of the Soviet Navy in 1960-80-ies. Presentation of a booklet entitled “the Soviet Navy. Exploration and analysis during the cold war” was held at the National press club in Washington, reports TASS.

The publication was carried out by the archive Department of the CIA and the National Museum of naval forces of the United States with the participation of several other organizations. TASS said that in the brochure there are no sensational discoveries.

The declassified documents were transferred to the United States two served in the GRU recruited by the US and Soviet officers — Colonel Oleg Penkovsky, and Lieutenant Colonel Peter Popov, and a Polish army Colonel Ryszard Kuklinski the.

American military historian Norman Polmar, during the presentation acknowledged that the published documents show, including about the inaccuracy of the forecasts of the intelligence regarding the development of the Soviet Navy. For example, the USSR was able to develop in the construction of submarines for such a level of technology that the United States was considered impossible.