Ryabkov: the US cannot accept the loss of their positions


RIA Novosti

The tense situation in international relations is growing because of the reluctance of the US to put up with “end of the era of their total domination,” said the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov.

“A series of recent events, the circumstances that led, for example, to very complex, difficult, multi-layered processes developing in the middle East, largely related to the fact that the historical West, including USA, are not ready to accept the end of the era of their total domination in the world”, — he told in interview to TV channel RT.

As stressed by Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, the United States can not accept the fact that “after a period when it seemed that they dominated”, began to appear signs that “not everyone is ready to play in the orchestra, the conductor of which is in Washington.”

“There are countries or people who are interested to perform something solo or Duo, or quintet. For some reason, it causes rejection. This is seen to undermine U.S. vital interests,” — said Ryabkov, noting that the world is “the dismantling of the old unipolar system” and it is difficult to say what will replace it.