The names of the victims in the shooting at a Moscow school

The names of the victims in the shooting at a Moscow school

According to preliminary data, in school in the Moscow suburb of Ivanteevka student opened fire in class. The source of RBC announced the names of the four victims, some of whom are students.

School number 1 in Ivanteevka situated near Moscow were evacuated after one of the students scattered in the classroom smoke bombs and opened fire.

Student of school № 1 Gleb told RBC that the evacuation began after the ninth grade student opened fire, presumably, from the pneumatic weapon.

“There was gunfire, explosions. The guy was blown away. Shot, shouting that he came here to die. We are in the next room was. His classmates from the window jumped, the girl has a broken leg”, he said.

According to REN TV, the pupil scattered in the school firecrackers.

RBC source in GU MVD of Moscow region reported that two police officers brought out of school teenager.

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According to a source RBC in the regional emergencies Ministry, in the school when the incident injured four people: a 39-year-old Lyubov Kalmykova (got bruised wound frontal part of the head), 16-year-old Vyacheslav B. (open fracture of both bones of the left forearm), 17-year-old Victoria M. (fractured left ankle), Alain S. (bruised lumbar region). A source in the Ministry said that Kalmykova was a teacher of mathematics and computer science.

Later the interior Ministry confirmed that the shooting injured four people, and the teenager threw smoke bombs.

According to pupil school in Victoria, injured in the incident, the injured five people. “I’m in the hospital, I was interrogated. The school was shooting, he had a hammer for cutting meat, he threw it and started a fire. We jumped from the second floor. I have a broken leg,” she said.

A student of the school where the incident occurred, angelina told RBC that while the incident was in the classroom. “We were sitting in class. Came the teacher from the next room, called our [teacher]. They are about something talked, then our teacher came in class. Said to lock the door from inside and left,” she said. According to her, a minute later the teacher returned and told the children to quickly leave the school. When the class went outside, there was already a “whole school”, she added.

“Everyone said that some student came to the lesson with a pneumatic pistol and started shooting. His classmates jumped out of the window, it is the second floor” — said the student.

Meanwhile, 9-grader opened fire at a school in Ivanteevka. According to eyewitnesses, the guy was holding a grenade. All children were evacuated

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