The head of Primorye told about the plan in case of escalation of the conflict with North Korea

Vladimir Miklushevsky

The Governor of Primorye Vladimir Miklushevsky urged inhabitants of region not to sow panic, speaking about the possible aggravation of the situation on the Korean Peninsula. This statement he made on Tuesday, September 5, at the Eastern economic forum, reports “Interfax”.

“I can reassure all. Plans (security of the population — approx. “Of the”) exist, they are closed (…) the General character — from all threats, not only from potential” — said Miklushevsky.

Primorsky Krai is the only Russian region that has borders with North Korea. September 3, North Korea announced the successful test of a hydrogen warhead, which is designed to equip Intercontinental ballistic missiles. In some settlements of Primorye felt tremors up to two points. Seaside meteorologists reported that the radiation background in the region has not changed, said the Agency.

The Ministry of defense of Japan preliminarily estimated the capacity of the tested charge 70 kilotons, several times the power of the atomic bombs dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

On the night of August 29, North Korea launched a missile that flew over Japanese territory and fell in 1180 kilometers from Cape Erimo of Hokkaido. The range was 2.7 thousand kilometers. Pyongyang called the start, a prelude to the attack on the American island of GUAM. The UN security Council acknowledged the missile test, North Korea threat to the world community.