Putin refused to consider himself a hockey player and the first time threw the puck


video screenshot

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin during visit to Yaroslavl hockey tested the trainer and threw the puck into the top corner of the goal. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

Hammer, like Vladimir Putin! #hockey #1 September #Denznaki pic.twitter.com/erFpj9FjdL— Kremlin RIA Poole (@Kremlinpool_RIA) 1 September 2017

The head of state toured the school of the Olympic reserve where trained children’s team “Lokomotiv”. Club President Yury Yakovlev showed Putin a mini-site, where you can work on your accuracy.

“Every kid can go out, do dribbling, handle the puck you hockey player, you know what it is,” said the head of “Locomotive” to the President. He laughed, replying that he is not a hockey player. After that, Putin took the stick and the first time threw the puck to the top right corner of the goal.

Before September 1, the President held in Yaroslavl open class. The head of state advised the students to quickly determine the ambitions, shared way to achieve world domination and expressed the opinion that Russia is constantly evolving due to the fact that its residents have a kind of internal nuclear reactor.