She has told about her affair and marriage with Ukrainian maniac-the pedophile

Elena and Sergey Tkach

A native of Yaroslavl Elena, married to a Ukrainian serial killer Sergey Tkach, said in an interview with NTV on his fascination with a serial killer.

“For me it was maybe like some kind of horror movie. Interesting. You know that this is not happening to you, but at the same time it’s interesting. Even, maybe, some creepy feeling the first time. Although I was fond of. He was fond of it similar stories. Followed, know that there are characters much worse than him,” she said.

The girl said that Weaver initially attracted her the feeling that he is “not like everyone else”. She told me that she saw him on TV in late 2005, and then, after some time, decided to write him a letter with an offer to meet and chat, what the prisoner said Yes. For about seven months, they were in correspondence, and every letter Tkach offered the Russian woman to come to visit him in jail in Zhitomir.

In the end Elena agreed. In her confession, she had a fear of “not be suitable in appearance and intelligence”, however, during the date, and the weaver looked frightened and insecure. After that they started the novel on the phone, and the killer has suggested the girl to get married, to which she replied Yes.

Having collected the necessary documents, the couple were married. The ceremony, according to the Russians, was simple and was postponed several times. Marriage was for a girl the second and for men is the fourth. Some time later, Elena gave birth to a daughter, but the child is currently raising her parents selected a girl. 27-the summer native of Yaroslavl thinks she made a mistake by going to give birth at home, and also plans to obtain citizenship of Ukraine.

That she has married a Ukrainian maniac became known in the end of July. After the story hit the media, the Commissioner for the rights of the child in the Yaroslavl region, Mikhail Krupin stated that the device takes the situation under control.

Weaver was sentenced to life imprisonment 23 Dec 2008. Dnipropetrovsk regional court considered it proven 37 murders and eight rapes. Sam weaver claims that involved almost one hundred attacks. The arrest of offender was in August 2005 on the outskirts of Curtains, where he lived at the time and committed the last murder; in this regard, it is also known as “Pology maniac”.

Murder rape in a perverted form weaver was made from 1980 to 2005 on the territory of Crimea, Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv regions. His victims were girls aged nine to 17 years. The man carefully destroyed all the evidence.