Putin presented to XI Jinping a picture of amber and the lamps of jade

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin presented to Chinese President XI Jinping, the lamps of jade and amber with a picture of a sailboat, RIA Novosti reported on Sunday 3 September.

In response, the Russian leader got a Desk handmade coated with a wish of prosperity and a sculpture of a Chinese warrior.

At the Sunday meeting between Putin and the Chinese President discussed the implementation of bilateral agreements reached during the July visit of XI Jinping to Moscow. The two leaders together visited an exhibition of Chinese folk art.

The Russian President arrived in China to attend the BRICS summit, which will take place on 4-5 September in Xiamen, and talks with the leaders of different countries.

On the eve on the website of the Kremlin published Putin’s article “BRICS — towards new horizons of strategic partnership,” in which the head of state noted that the problems on the Korean Peninsula should be resolved through dialogue without preconditions.

In December 2016 at a meeting with Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe gave Putin the reproduction of paintings, “the Arrival of AF”, which depicts the arrival of Admiral Euphemia Putyatin in the Japanese city of Shimoda in the mid-nineteenth century.