The teacher promised to release a four-part version of “Matilda”

The teacher promised to release a four-part version of “Matilda”

Director Alexey Uchitel plans in 2019 to produce the show “Matilda” of four parts. This he told TASS.

“There will be a film and a four — part series,” – said the Director.

The premiere of the film Matilda was scheduled for 6 October. However, at the end of August Alexey Uchitel announced the postponement of the premiere on October 23. He noted that “there is nothing criminal”. According to him, “for technical reasons related to the work of the theatre and other plans.”

The film tells the story of the ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya and her relationship with the Tsarevich Nikolai Alexandrovich, the future of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas I.

Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Natalia Polonskaya appealed to the Prosecutor with the requirement to test the movie. In her opinion, it offends the feelings of believers, is “ahistorical fake” aimed “at discrediting, libel and mockery of one of the most revered saints of the Tsar Martyr Nicholas II and his family.”

Opponents of the release of the film August 1, held a prayer vigil. The participants prayed for the understanding of pattern makers.