Matvienko: the urgent need of transfer of knowledge Day to another date no


RIA Novosti

The speaker of Council of Federation Valentina Matvienko considers that the urgent need of transfer of knowledge Day on September 1, another date is not, and proposes, if necessary, to discuss this issue, but to refrain from such changes.

Earlier, the deputies from the LDPR faction in the Duma introduced a bill according to which proposed to allow municipalities to transfer the beginning of the school year 1 September to 1 October.

“Such offers (of the postponement of the Day of knowledge) has received and continues to arrive. They have a rationale argument, but I personally advocate to September 1, knowledge Day, was the one national holiday in Russia that the school was working in one time mode. It is usual for Russia, it is customary for the parents who are planning their holidays, their work, and I think that such a sharp need for this,” — said Matvienko reporters.

“If you want to discuss-let’s discuss. But while I would refrain from changes in this regard” , — said the speaker of the Federation Council.