Saudi Arabia lost the Russian pilgrim

Saudi Arabia lost the Russian pilgrim

MAKKAH, 31 Aug — RIA Novosti. Muslim pilgrims from the Russian delegation got lost after climbing mount Arafat near Mecca in Saudi Arabia and are not contacted, informed RIA Novosti the coordinators of the group on the spot.

Pilgrims from Dagestan at the age of about 63 years died early Thursday to mount Arafat. Standing on the mountain is one of the key moments of Hajj.

Other members of the delegation went to the mountain later and turned back to the sunset, as previously discussed. As at 22.30 local time, the old pilgrim never showed up. His phone is unavailable.

“We got the security services and police too. Perhaps they will tell us information about it by morning,” — told RIA Novosti coordinator of the group of Ali.

Friends of the men said that he spoke one of the languages spoken in Pakistan. “Maybe the Pakistani pilgrims helped him,” said the coordinator of the group.

At the moment the majority of pilgrims descended from mount Arafat, and prepares for the next stage of the Hajj — the pobivanie devil’s stones in the area of muzdalifa.

In Mecca today established a 42-degree heat.