The expert questioned the possibility of refusal from gas supply houses

Director of the energy development Fund Sergey Pikin doubt that Russia will refuse from the gas supply of the housing stock. He stated this on Friday, December 30, in an interview with National news service (NSN). “I think that no ban will not happen. With the same success it is possible to prohibit the use of vehicles, because very often accidents happen” — said pikine. According to him, improvement of houses, which were originally designed for gas supply, will require significant funds. “And not the fact that it would be more profitable for the citizens. In private houses the gas heating is fundamentally cheaper electricity,” — said the expert. Earlier Friday, the media reported that the RTN has proposed to prohibit the use of gas in residential homes. The corresponding letter to the head of Department Alexey Aleshin has sent the state Duma Deputy Valery Rashkin. The purpose of this

Russian sappers from 5 December cleared more than 1 thousand hectares of the territory of Aleppo

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Media: the version of the attack on Board the Tu-154 was not confirmed

The version of the attack on Board the Tu-154 was not confirmed during the investigation of the causes of the disaster. This was reported “Interfax” with reference to an informed source.   The spokesman said that version was eliminated on the basis of first data obtained by decoding the black box and study the wreckage of the liner, which found no trace of explosives.   “(It) leaves no basis for further development version, which you can potentially qualify as a terrorist attack,” the source said.   In addition, from the basic versions eliminated the difficult weather conditions, said the interlocutor of “Interfax”.   Tu-154 crashed on the morning of 25 December with the departure from Sochi in Syria. The Board fell in the Black sea, killed 92 people. Photo: emergency situations Ministry

Zakharov responded to rumors about the closing of schools for children of diplomats from the United States

Maria Zakharova The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the information about the closure of the Moscow school, which caters to children of employees of diplomatic missions of the United States, Britain and Canada, not true. She wrote about it in Facebook. “American officials “anonymous, providingull” your media that in response, Russia closed an American school in Moscow. It’s a lie. Apparently, the White house really mad and started to come up with sanctions against their own children,” — said Zakharov. She also asked the journalists not to write: “Moscow has denied… or will not…”. “Write like it is: “CNN and other Western media once again referring to the American official sources spread the false information” Usually Santa Claus asking for anything. This year I’m going to ask him, someone to take”, — the diplomat added. December 29, CNN reported that Russia in response to new

Print “colony” suburban farmer established the sale of Christmas trees for bitcoins

The suburban farmer Mikhail Shlyapnikov, known for producing its own currency “colony” began to sell Christmas trees for bitcoins. About it reports TV channel “360”. The virtual currency hatters sold about 40 Christmas trees, including not only a simple tree. According to TV channel, five pine it sells for 0,034 bitcoin (about two thousand), a blue spruce with a height of four metres 0,17 (10 thousand rubles). A small tree stands 0,0085 bitcoin (500 rubles). As recalled by the national news service (NSN), the usual Christmas bazaars began to work in the capital on December 20. They sell mostly trees, brought from the neighboring regions. According to TV channel “360” in the Moscow region is equipped with about 500 sites for sale Christmas trees. Hatters living in the village of Kalinovo (Egorievsk district, Moscow region), printed its own currency, which he called his personal ious as individuals. According to him,

There are no tickets: expelled the diplomats of the Russian Federation can not fly from USA

Russian diplomats, who entered after Barack Obama sanctions must leave the U.S. within three days, faced with a serious problem: all the tickets were sold out before the holidays. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to familiar with the situation source.   “There are no tickets, all sold out before the New year, but people are given just 72 hours, I don’t know how they manage,” said he.   Apparently, added the interlocutor of the Agency, the Embassy staff will have to travel from Washington, where they are in new York. There, according to him, is it still possible to buy tickets, but to celebrate the feast of the diplomats, apparently, have in the air.   “It (the expulsion of diplomats) was a big surprise, people were preparing to celebrate the New year,” he concluded.   The signing by Barack Obama of the decree on new sanctions against Russia became

The Turkish Parliament made a new step towards the empowerment of Erdogan

Recep Tayyip Erdogan The relevant Committee of the Turkish Parliament approved a bill on constitutional change, involving the extension of the powers of the President. It is reported by Anadolu. According to the document, the country introduced the position of Vice President and abolished the post of Prime Minister. The President and Vice President will have full Executive power. In addition, from 25 to 18 years reduced age for candidates for Parliament, and the number of legislators increased from 550 to 600 people. 1 December it was reported that in the case of the adoption of the document in direct subordination of the head of state will pass the country’s armed forces and intelligence agencies. Currently they are governed by a collegiate body — the Supreme military Council. Now the draft law must obtain the approval of Parliament. If it will support at least 350 members, final approval of the

Employees of the hospital Komsomolsk-on-Amur was fired because video on Instagram

Three employees of the intensive care unit of hospital No. 7 Komsomolsk-on-Amur was fired from-posted Instagram videos, reports The management of health facilities felt that the actions of the girls violate the sanitary-epidemiological regime. Currently, they practice required by the labour legislation for two weeks. Video shot in one of the premises of the hospital, but the patients there. The authors of the movie called him a joke. According to them, it is not clear where the action is. As told RIA Novosti in the hospital, after the video the nurse and two nurses have written letters of resignation at own will. In February of Rostov emergency care hospital №2 was fired worked there as a nurse student, which led to social networks Periscope broadcast operations. The University act students called contrary to the code of ethics of medical University.