There are no tickets: expelled the diplomats of the Russian Federation can not fly from USA

Russian diplomats, who entered after Barack Obama sanctions must leave the U.S. within three days, faced with a serious problem: all the tickets were sold out before the holidays. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to familiar with the situation source.


“There are no tickets, all sold out before the New year, but people are given just 72 hours, I don’t know how they manage,” said he.


Apparently, added the interlocutor of the Agency, the Embassy staff will have to travel from Washington, where they are in new York. There, according to him, is it still possible to buy tickets, but to celebrate the feast of the diplomats, apparently, have in the air.


“It (the expulsion of diplomats) was a big surprise, people were preparing to celebrate the New year,” he concluded.


The signing by Barack Obama of the decree on new sanctions against Russia became known on the evening of December 29. USA expelled 35 employees of the Russian diplomatic mission. In addition, will be closed diplomicy of the Russian Federation in Maryland and new York.


The American President promised that the US will not be limited to measures that have been announced against Russia.

Photo: Qin Lang/ Xinhua/ Globallookpress