In a children’s camp in Dubna covered shop on manufacture of counterfeit vodka

In Dubna near Moscow discovered an illegal workshop for the production of vodka. This was reported on the website of the Federal alcohol market regulatory service on Tuesday, November 29.

Alcoholic products without a license or with forged excise tax was discovered in the former dining room of the camp. Also in the room were 10 thousand bottles of counterfeit vodka and artisanal line for bottling of alcoholic beverages. All discovered alcohol were seized and arrested. Management of Rosalkogolregulirovanija in the Central Federal district are investigating this incident.

At the end of September in Chita seized 58 tons of alcoholic production with counterfeit excise stamps. The cost of illegal shipments was estimated at 22 million rubles.

In July, an underground factory for the production of alcohol was arrested in the Smolensk region. In the hangars were found three automatic filling lines, over a half million bottles of fake vodka different names and more than half a million counterfeit excise stamps.