In Turkish dormitory fire killed 11 girls

As a result of a fire in a hostel for girls in the city of Sochi in the province of Adana in southern Turkey killed 12 people — 11 students and one worker. On Tuesday, November 29, reported on the website of the newspaper Daily Sabah.

The incident occurred on 29 November in a three-storey building, where students lived boarding school. The dead children were from 10 to 16 years. Another 22 people were injured, they were hospitalized.

The Governor of the province of Adana, Mahmut Demirtas said that people got out of the hostel through the Windows, bringing the injured with the shards of glass, some of them have poisoned with burning products.

The representative of the province of Adana in the Turkish Parliament Omer Celik said that the cause of the fire could be electrical problem. Demirtas said, fired up the meter, from it the flames spread through the building. The case is under investigation.

According министерствf of education, the hostel is designed for 54 students, however, there when the fire started, there were only 34 schoolgirl.

On 10 August it was reported the death of at least 11 children in a fire in one of the women’s departments of the hospital, “al-Yarmuk” in Baghdad.

July 14, a fire in an orphanage in Durban (province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa) killed eight people, including six children, the youngest of whom was eight years old.