Syria has accused Qatar of supporting terrorism

The Syrian foreign Ministry expressed outrage at a statement by the foreign Minister of Qatar on the continuation of aid to the Syrian rebel groups. In ponedelnik, November 28, reported Reuters.

As indicated in the message, the words of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Qatar Mohammed Ben Abderrahmane al-Thani called on to provide moral support to the rebels, who are suffering defeat from the Syrian army.

In addition, the statement said that the Doha reaffirmed close ties with the armed groups in Syria and the different levels of assistance — military, financial, political.

As reported in turn to Reuters, the document also contains direct accusations of Qatari authorities in support of extremism and terrorism.

Earlier on November 28 edition of the Washington Post reported that the current American administration intends to agree with Russia on Syria in exchange for the disengagement of the moderate opposition and Islamist militants, Secretary of state John Kerry is taking “an incredible diplomatic efforts”. According to sources of the newspaper on the appropriate action, Kerry has prompted not only a humanitarian crisis in the Arab country, but the realization that the US President-elect Donald trump can go to such agreement with Moscow, under which the Syrian opposition will be abandoned to their fate, and Washington will take the side of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

A day earlier, the foreign Minister of Qatar al-Thani said that his country will continue to arm the Syrian rebel groups, even if the elected President of the United States Donald trump after taking office, declare the termination of support for rebels fighting against Syrian government forces.