Kadyrov: the non-systemic opposition in Russia has lost people’s trust



MOSCOW, November 28. /TASS/. The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov believes that the non-systemic opposition in Russia ran out of steam and lost the confidence of the people. He said this in an interview TASS.

“In the Chechen Republic, these chatterboxes got a few fractions of a percent. Not have confidence in them. What they say in this case? “Come on, goodbye!” The opposition has already done what you could. And then exhausted. What is the place in Moscow where demonstrators gathered? Swamp,” – said Kadyrov.

However, the question, whether it considers non-systemic opposition of enemies, the head of Chechnya replied in the negative. “No, they’re talkers. Such shameless people. Without honor, without conscience, without country. All they need to continue to sell the interests of the state. For 30 miserable pieces of silver,” – said Kadyrov.

He did not specify who exactly of the leaders of the opposition in question. “I don’t want to name names. If you start to say aloud to train on their own can’t throw up. They wait until you say one word, and immediately raised a cry, seizing the moment to remind myself. So better not say anything. Them and so all know”, – said Kadyrov.