Duterte declared unwillingness of the Philippines to a military Alliance with Russia

Rodrigo Duterte

Philippines currently do not intend to enter into new military alliances, including with Russia. In an interview with RT said President Rodrigo Duterte.

Answering the question the reporter about the current status of the agreement on military cooperation with Moscow, Duterte explained: “I’m not ready to enter into any military alliances because we are bound by the agreement signed in 1950-ies (obviously, this refers to the mutual defense Treaty signed between the U.S. and the Philippines on 30 August 1951 — approx. “Of the tape.ru”). But I’m willing to cooperate with my new friends, Russia and China, for peace in the world. The United States decided to stop supplying weapons, and then I said, “I Have a friend whose arms are full””.

“In all our conversations (at the APEC summit in Lima — approx. “Of the tape.ru”) I have never said “I want that” or “I want this”, — said Duterte. I just talked to the President [of Russia Vladimir] Putin that I want us to become friends to show the world that I do not limit contact to a small group of countries that I have to interact with the rest of the world because we are a sovereign state. And we must establish business and diplomatic relations with all.”

The fact that the majority of Filipinos, according to polls, support the Alliance with the United States, Duterte explained the longstanding influence of the United States. “We were their colony for half a century, so there is nothing surprising — it is ingrained in our genes — complained to the Philippine President. But I gradually, step by step, explaining to them the reasons for its decision. I think that Filipinos in the shower you know I’m right. I just told the Americans: “We are not a nation of beggars and is quite able to survive without your help””.

In September Duterte already stated about the intention to conclude the Alliance with Moscow and Beijing. “I’ll open the Philippines to the Russian and the Chinese that they were our business, we will sign trade agreements”, — he stressed. After a visit to Beijing in late October he did not rule out joining a military Alliance with Russia and China. “It might be a military Alliance, it can be an economic Union, it can be an economic unit,” said the Philippine leader.