Due to global warming, Russia has lost some Islands

Due to global warming, Russia has lost some Islands

One of the most convincing evidence for global warming is the rate of coastal erosion. Because of her, the water had gone several Northern Russian Islands, said in Tomsk Polytechnic University.

According to scientists, global warming trends reinforce the destruction of the coastal zone of the Arctic seas. Especially the large erosion rate observed in the East Siberian sea and the Laptev sea — marginal seas of the Arctic ocean.

The rate of coastal erosion of the ice complex on the headlands now reaches 20-30 m in summer. As a result of disappearing Islands. For Example, Semenovsky, Vasilievsky. In memory of our grandfathers, they were still Islands, now it’s the banks (shallow water). Over the past 1000-2000 years, about 40 km was eaten sushi coast rosiegirl Samoletostroitel International laboratory of carbon in Arctic seas, TPU, corresponding member of RAS

“If we are talking about global warming, that doesn’t mean every day will become warmer. We are talking about the increase in average global temperature. It is proved that now there is a rise in sea level, melting glaciers, including mountain. The fact that the climate curve goes from periods of warming to cooling. For example, 10,000 years ago the temperature was about the same as it is now. For the first time in modern geological history “broke” this cycle: now we have to live in the era of the cold snap, however, the temperature does not fall, but rises,” explains the scientist, whose words are on the website TPU.