Complexes of space monitoring will be deployed in four regions of Russia

In the coming years in four Russian regions – the Altai, the far East, Buryatia and in the Crimea – will host the new complexes of the Russian system of space control.


It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the statement of Deputy commander of the space troops of the aerospace defence forces of Russia on the trials of Colonel Andrey Ivashin, the radio station “Russian news service”.


He noted that the advantage of these systems is that they are constructed on new element base. This allowed to greatly increase the combat capabilities of the new systems compared to previous generations.


“With the commissioning of new complexes SCCP Air and space forces of Russia will be able to continuously monitor near-earth space in all moods and at maximum range the heights,” Ivashina said.


The system of space monitoring is part of the aerospace defense of Russia. Complexes of the Russian system of space control is designed for continuous and global assessment of the space situation in peace and wartime.