Putin explained the sharp Russian reaction to NATO expansion



Moscow is concerned about NATO expansion because of the key role of Washington in the decision-making of the Alliance. This was stated by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, reports on Monday, November 21, “Interfax”.

“Why are we so sensitive to NATO expansion? We are concerned about the practice of decision-making,” he said in an interview with U.S. Director Oliver stone for the film “Ukraine in flames”.

According to Putin, when any country becomes a member of the Alliance, it “is very difficult to resist the pressure from such a large country, the leader of NATO, as the United States.”

Answering the question of what the consequences would capture military base in Sevastopol Alliance or the United States, the President said they would be “very heavy”. “In this regard, we must take countermeasures, that is to jeopardize our missile systems those objects which, in our opinion, begin to threaten us. The situation is annoying,” said Putin.

Last week it was reported that the documentary film “Ukraine in the fire” will be first shown on Russian television on 21 November of the TV channel REN TV. The Director of the movie was a Ukrainian with American citizenship Igor Laptenok, who was a witness to many events in the country events. Oliver stone, the producer, took an active part in the filming of the movie, in particular, has interviewed Putin and former President Viktor Yanukovych.